Jeff stands up for taxpayers by:

  • promoting fiscal restraint
  • pushing for lower real estate tax rates
  • opposing water and sewer rate increases
  • supporting dropping and eventually removing the “common good fee” from homeowners’ water bills


Jeff defends homeowners by:

  • opposing zoning changes when they would over-populate new developments close to otherwise peaceful, existing communities
  • helping property owners gain concessions from developers to address neighbors’ concerns
  • working to maintain attractive, peaceful neighborhoods while retaining individual private property rights


Jeff keeps homes, streets and businesses safe by:

  • supporting adequate compensation for police, firefighters and EMS personnel
  • providing public safety and emergency personnel with the latest technology and equipment
  • working with citizens and city administrators to increase public participation in fighting crime and reducing urban blight


Jeff improves education for students by:

  • promoting public accountability
  • pressing for measurable results
  • supporting qualified leadership
  • asking the difficult questions and expecting concrete results to prepare schoolchildren for the future


Jeff promotes conservative values by:

  • educating the public about wasteful spending, while fighting for fiscal discipline.
  • defending 2nd Amendment rights for homeowners and city employees
  • personally supporting a variety of pro-family, pro-life causes and campaigns
  • volunteering for over a decade as a big brother in the Big Brother/Big Sister program in Central Virginia